Episode 01
52°03'32.3"N 21°12'00.2"E
millage: 58.789km

Emilia Konwerska reads a selection of Ukrainian poems.


  • Yuliya Musakovskaya (soundcloud.com/julia-musakovska)
  • Ija Kiva (IG@iyakiva1)
  • Irina Tsilyk (FB /ira.tsilyk)
  • Ivan Davydenko (IG@dvdnki)
  • Yuriy Zavadsky (FB /jurij.zawadski)

The first gathering of Vanish gallery initiating Season 22 was supposed to take place unattended, nevertheless we had the company of a handful of friends as well as great weather, an excellent selection of Ukrainian poems and a procession that ended with setting fire to and drowning Cezary's sculpture. The statue, in keeping with the tradition of the spring celebration, represented the deity of death and was made of wood, jute strings, candles and wood shavings.