Episode 03
52°03'32.3"N 21°12'00.2"E
millage: 60.203km

Ceremonial Rite & Richie Beige b2b DJ set


Three months have passed since the last "episode" of Vanish Gallery. During this time, the gallery vehicle has mainly served as a delivery van, supplying the volunteer center of Centrum Pomocy Mokotów. The war is not over yet, however, Puławska 20 is back in the hands of the tenant, and CPM will cease functioning as the most active food pantry, volunteer center, and hub for workshops and information catering to Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw. On June 22, in the same place where we gave out tons of food, clothing and other personal items, a gathering will happen. We will thank each other, and lord, there are a lot of people to thank! During this time we have had 420 volunteers alone! On the evening of the 22nd, Vanish will be parked on the pavement at the corner of Puławska and Narbutta streets for the last time for "official" duty, this time to unload kilowatts of sound energy. Two Ukrainian DJs will flood us with a wave of sound: ° Ceremonial Rite (@ceremonialrite )- heavy, dark, deep playing. The host of the MÁRA show on Radio Capital sees dance as a ritual in which music guides us. ° Richie Beige (@richie.beige ) - member of the Female DJ Network push. She is inspired by the sounds of the 90s combined with the vibe of synthetic, dark music. The two girls will play strong, determined music in a B2B formula to which we will dance and expel the evil spirits.