Each season of Vanish episodes is themed around an overarching project / artwork. Season 22 of the gallery's activity takes place accompanied by two paintings entitled TOGAETHER, created by Cezery Poniatowski, artist born in Olsztyn (1987) as well as a poem written by Emila Konwerska, a writer also born in Olsztyn (1985)

I always hope, till the very end,
that something will make my journey impossible.

what follows:
using knowledge,
using the word 'chase',

covering the land,
raising hands,

receiving answers
(the eyes of individuals travelling in order to spawn get significantly bigger).

Emilia Konwerska. Olsztyn 2022.
Translation: Dominika Kotuła.

Last year we started to prepare the opening of the first season of our activity, not expecting that it would happen in the time of the war. During the last two weeks most of us modified our daily routine in order to be able to devote as much time as possible to support those whose reality has completely crumbled. It was hard to make decisions about the opening at a time when much larger constructs than the Vanish gallery's operations are being vanished. Our neighbors have suddenly lost their safety, their homes, some their family members while their country is still trying to resist being swallowed up by the darkness. The inaugural meeting was therefore suspended until further notice. We did not feel it was appropriate in this situation to distract your attention, so largely directed towards helping refugees. The gallery, therefore, begins its activity by wiping out the opening! How cool is that? You can see Cezary's paintings in documentation (instagram/www), or on the roads.

The Episodes planned for the spring equinox took place unannounced and therefore nearly without an audience. Documentation and detailed information is available in the episodes tabs.

Vanish SE22 / E01 / E02
season opening data:
date: 20.03.2022
coordinates: 52°03'32.3"N 21°12'00.2"E
millage: 58.789km