Episode 01
52°17'59.9"N 21°09'55.9"E
52°15'25.5"N 21°12'50.2"E
52°15'19.8"N 21°12'53.5"E
52°03'33.8"N 21°12'13.4"E
millage: 68.955km
curator: Jagna Lewandowska
Gizela Mickiewicz, Jagna Lewandowska, Maciej Landsberg, Konrad Smoleński, “Equating experiences” [“Doświadczenia zrównujące”], “Nothing in hands, nothing in pockets” [“Nic w rękach, nic w kieszeniach”] “The loneliness of sightlines” [“Samotność widoków”], “Nearly constant attention” [“Prawie ciągła uważność”]

It appears that airing does good both to warehouses and to the mind, tired from its feigned control of reality. As part of several episodes of the season of ’23, we welcome the sculptures of Gizela Mickiewicz for scenic trips to allow them to find the environment most fitting to them, apart from the pallor of gallery walls. Shapes which reflect past connotations, multiplying perspectives and sightlines lead us to places where it is worth staying a while and drop off the passengers. The sculptures reflect in the landscape, we gaze upon them and through them at the world, which now looks different. Motion, that is usually forward-facing and endpoint-oriented during trips, this time initiates a backward journey – towards states which you have experienced before without remembering it. Gizela’s sculptures toy with time and space, bring closer that which should be distant, conceal that which should be clear, provoke the return to places where you have never been before. When provided with air, all of these qualities come into being with compounded force, and our almost constant attentiveness gently alters its azimuth.

📷 Konrad Smolenski, Maciej Landsberg
📝 Jagna Lewandowska
🗿 Gizela Mickiewicz