Episode 02
54°01'40.0"N 17°19'21.2"E
millage: 71.945km
curator: Magdalena Komornicka
artists: Weronika Wysocka, Martyna Miller, Planeta, Dobrawa Borkała

Weronika Wysocka, hosted us at her home, deep in Kashubia, on the beach and in the waters of Lake Piaszno along with artists close to her: Martyna Miller, Planeta and Dobrawa Borkała. They invited us to drift carefully through the waters of childhood and bliss, to the sounds of a crystal harp, to water dancing and the community of smoke. We were to find out what hides beneath the surface of the lake. All of this arose from longing, a yearning to work together as curator and artist, to create as a group, from a desire to spend time in togetherness. A longing for communion with nature, for peace, for childhood. This was the theme of this episode of the season. Nothing we scheduled worked out the way we planned, and yet we accomplished much more. And even though each artist was forced to modify her plan of action, the sounds of the harp rang out, drifting bodies danced, and breathing exercises warmed our goosebumps. Most of us also participated for the first time in the sustaining of a fire underwater. We are tempted to make this event a recurring one and invite you to come to Piaszno next year as well.