Episode 05
29.09 – 01.10.2023
52°15'41.1"N 21°02'04.8"E
52°12'24.2"N 21°01'24.1"E
52°12'58.2"N 21°01'15.4"E
52°12'47.5"N 20°58'36.3"E
52°14'04.1"N 20°58'07.1"E
52°15'37.4"N 21°01'37.4"E
52°14'04.4"N 21°00'42.2"E
52°14'28.8"N 21°00'11.0"E (and other locations)
millage: 75.858 km
curator: Konrad Smoleński

Episode 05 took place as part of Fringe [www.instagram.com/fringe_warszawa/] - an event bringing together non-commercial artistic initiatives in Warsaw. As part of this venture, Vanish turned into a taxi for 3 days. UBERVANISH allowed one to book trips between any selected location from the Fringe program. During each journey, you could meet and talk to people who were involved in creating this year's gallery program or invited guests. Those booking the trip would have no prior knowledge of the interlocutor sharing their ride. On one of the days of Ubervanish's operation, multi-instrumentalist and composer Ola Rzepka invited the passengers to (instead of taking part in discussion) listen to a live soundtrack to the city landscape flowing past the windows. The sounds of the drum kit filling the back of the vehicle blended with the din of renovation works, ambulances, horns, and the entire noisy atmosphere of the city, giving a cinematic character to the experience of moving between Warsaw's art galleries.