Episode 06
06 – 09.10.2023
50°40'32.3"N 16°09'06.0"E
50°39'55.2"N 16°21'21.3"E
50°41'40.8"N 16°06'02.9"E
millage: 76.095 km
curator: Jagna Lewandowska
participants: “Doświadczenie niczyje” [Nobody’s Experience], “Kształt spokoju” [The Shape of Calmness] “The Loneliness of Sightlines” [“Samotność widoków”], Ogół wszystkich rozkojarzeń [Total of All Distractions], You Say It’s Here, I’d Rather Say It’s Here, Gizela Mickiewicz, Jagna Lewandowska, Konrad Smoleński  

The third outing of Gizela Mickiewicz’s sculptures, traditionally abundant in rainfall and campfires, took place primarily in the area of the Suche Mountains, amongst the moss-blanketed rock formations of curious shapes and slick roots. This time, Gizela decided to imprint upon and take along some elements of this landscape that we occupied for some time. By the road above Kamyki Lagoon, which in previous times led to a Porphyry mine, she created a silicon compress for one of the curiously textured, long observed boulders - a stone with crystalline surface, which, having been placed purposefully by the exit of the road, prevented us from nearing closer to the water’s edge.