Episode 03
53°00'52.5"N 18°15'23.8"E 
53°30'51.8"N 16°11'26.8"E 
53°37'25.1"N 16°19'36.7"E 
53°37'26.2"N 16°20'10.2"E 
53°30'34.2"N 16°10'47.9"E 
54°38'48.5"N 17°14'31.9"E 
54°43'18.4"N 17°13'16.6"E 
54°42'54.4"N 17°13'46.5"E 
millage: 74.116 
curator: Jagna Lewandowska 
participants: “Focusing at the Point Nearest the Eyes” (“Cofanie wzroku na najbliższy plan”), “Mergings of Blurry Memories” (“Połączenia niewyraźnych zapamiętań”),
“The Loneliness of Sightlines” (“Samotność widoków”), “Returns to the Unknown Place” (“Powroty do miejsc nieznanych”), “The Shape that Reflects My Failure” (“Kształt, w którym odbija się moja porażka”), “Loosing Something you Never Had”, Untitled 1 (the one who stayed), Untitled 2 (the one who burned), Gizela Mickiewicz, Jagna Lewandowska, Konrad Smoleński 
As part of several episodes of the season of 23’ we welcome the sculptures of Gizela Mickiewicz for scenic trips to allow them to find the environment most fitting to them, apart from the pallor of gallery walls. Shapes which reflect past connotations, multiplying perspectives and sightlines lead us to places where it is worth staying a while and drop off the passengers.

During episode 03, one of the sculptures settled at an idyllic crossroads by the lake [53°37'26.2"N 16°20'10.2"E]. It hangs on a twisted pine tree and waits to be settled by non-human passers-by. It may be too small for the harriers that supposedly come to the area, but it can become a shelter for smaller birds, and maybe even stray squirrels. You may not have the option to lie down in one of the round and cozy holes inside the sculpture, but please visit our passenger on the way to the moon bath in the stunning Komorze Lake in the Drawsko Landscape Park.