Episode 07
29.09.2023 ~
52°23'47.2"N 16°54'14.4"E
millage: 75.858
curator: Jagna Lewandowska
artist: Zuzanna Piekoszowska

Reflecting loosely on vanlife culture, Zuzanna Piekoszewska has prepared a peculiar sculpture -an amulet which has since accompanied each subsequent episode and the journeys between them. This unusual passenger, dangling from the rear-view mirror, will travel with us until the end of the season, its waxen head adorned with mementos from the passing places, views, and people voyaging with the mobile gallery. After this time, in line with the instructions delineated by the artist, the work will be passed on to other vehicles, with the request to pass it on further once more. In this way, the sculpture will shift through geographical locations, accompanying other wanderers, until all traces of it are lost.