The SE23 season has been marked by the first of many trips, which have been organized/ around the first episode of the season. It began long before the actual change of painting on the sides of the car, which typically marks the framework for the season. Any formal discordance is welcome, as it can be interpreted as a manifestation of the gallery's anti-system aims. The season ahead is shaping up to be a very interesting one. Cezary Poniatowski's @cezaryponiatowski paintings have been sanded down and the collected dust is waiting in a jar for its archival container. The author of the new paintings on the side extensions of the gallery is Magdalena Starska. The primary interest in her practice focuses on community experiences and the search for rituals within ordinary, everyday life (she has even been described as a shaman artist by one art critic). The allegorical scenes proposed by Magda for this season are centred on the possibility of a change of perspective through unification with the given environment, and not without the associated fear and danger. The shifting of perspective this season will be facilitated by two curators: Jagna Lewandowska @jagna_lewandowska and Magdalena Komornicka @magdalena_komornicka, who have neighbouring offices at the @msnwarszawa. They will also collaborate, sitting in the outdoor chairs of Vanish to which they have been invited this year, as some episodes are programmed jointly.. Season 23 has two more differences that separate it from the first iteration. Financially, it is supported by an artistic scholarship granted to the driver of Vanish by the Culture Bureau of the City of Warsaw @miasto_warszawa. Thanks to this, we have a small production budget and stipends for the invited participants. The second change from the previous edition is that this year, 90% of the artists we are cooperate with are women. This is meant to counterbalance the root that has grown strongly through the concrete floors of the car repair workshops, where oil stains reflected both Poniatowski's finissage and Starska's inauguration. Speaking of balance, to summarise the last season and the 9,600 kilometres travelled, we calculated that the resulting carbon footprint of 3.932 tonnes should be outweighed by planting 0.0787 hectares of new trees. Let's hope they grow strong and the wind strokes them gently, as they need 20 years to compensate for this toll.

Vanish SE23
season opening data:
date: 11.03.2023
coordinates: 52°03'32.5"N 21°12'14.2"E
millage: 68.389km